The Popularity of the Buckwheat Pillow

Although many people may not have heard of Buckwheat pillows, they are becoming a lot more known and increasingly popular. Like any product there are pros and cons to them and in this brief buckwheat pillow review we take a look at those topics and determine if you were to find a buckwheat pillow for sale, should you buy one?

Buckwheat pillows are actually made from the hulls of buckwheat, which despite is name is more of a fruit. When it is in its natural state, the hulls are the husks which actually protect the kernel of the buckwheat. Normally hulls are just chaff and not very much sought after, however in buckwheat it is the opposite and these hulls can cost more than the kernels and are in high demand.

The advantages of using these pillows is that they are in what is known as “solid state”. This means they are very firm and do not sink like other pillows can. If you want to use buckwheat pillows for neck pain then this is a good idea because with the pillows staying firm it will maintain a neutral position for the whole night meaning that you wont have to keep moving around to adjust as the pillow sinks. As well as being good for your neck you may also find that this results in a better nights sleep as you wont be so restless.

As well as relief from neck pain, many people swear by buckwheat pillows for helping assist them reduce other common night-time problems such as snoring, headaches and insomnia. Again a lot of this is credited to the firmness of the pillow.

If you have a concern that these pillows are going to be too firm and its going to be like sleeping with your head on a brick, rest assured as most times the pillows come with a zip on them and you can increase or reduce the firmness to suit your needs.

The downside to these pillows for some though is that firmness, even though it can be adjusted. Some people find that because it is so firm it does not give comfort to the face and ears when sleeping. You can try to counteract this by moulding the pillow to the shape that you want, however it wont spring back like some other pillows will.

Finally some people also describe the pillows as too noisy. This is down to the fact that the hulls can create a rustling type noise in the pillow as your head moves around on it. Whilst this rustling noise is not excessive some people may not like it, and although it can be initially irritating it does not take long to get used to it.

So there you have it, a brief buckwheat pillow review listing some of the pros and cons. So what do you think? Is a buckwheat pillow going to be right for you?

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